Palm Court Party, commonly known as PCP, is held three times a year. It occurs the Saturday closest to Halloween, Valentines Day and Graduation. Each party has a different theme which is selected via majority vote. The themes are presented to the student body at a Town Meeting. There are three main party areas used, Palm Court, the Blackbox (formerly the Fishbowl) and Z Green. Each of these is decorated in a different way in keeping with the party theme.

Pretty much everyone makes and wears elaborate costumes. You should too!

To access PCP wristbands are required. These can be picked up from HCL 3 (Residental Life) by students during the week before PCP, i.e. pre-CP. Each student is given a wristband plus two guest wristbands. If more guest wristbands are needed someone is always willing to donate them.

Its a damn fun party.

Some previous PCPs include:

  • Nintendo PCP
  • Jurassic PCP
  • Neverland PCP
  • Bioluminesence PCP
  • Flood PCP
  • Worst Economy Since the Great Depression PCP
  • Dune PCP
  • The Holy Mountain PCP
  • Under the Sea PCP
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